All about Screws

Yup it’s screw literally in our blog topic discussion. This is to show how passionate & detail we are in the realm of Information Technology that an ordinary screw has some importance to our IT Department operation, so let’s explore the values of screws.

Let’s admit it, Screw (All about Screws) is everywhere in all our IT equipment and offices, even in the data center thru server rack you can see screw mounted to your servers and network devices properly. If we are changing hard drive in the computer or laptop we always encounter screws and it’s important to know that we should at least come-up an organization container where we put all different screws we find (not throwing away) and the more you segregate it the more better we speed up your work flow. Imagine if you misplace screws from the network device delivery package you received? how you gonna put it in the rack mount properly? how about the laptop casing you opened? and lost the small screw? how you gonna put it back and give it to the user let’s say his the Boss from the other department. Would you think he will be happy if his laptop is not properly secure on the back panel? imagine the stress you’ll encountered looking just for screws? adding to that the Boss is rushing you to address the opening panel that you missed thru no screw connected.

Typically we underestimate screw capabilities and sometimes we never put some effort just to give them some proper place in our office or worst if we found them scattered around in the table we just throw it to the trash can immediately, a classic example why we brought up this Blog post All about Screws. What we want to highlight here is that we should at least consider some effort in collecting & organizing screws from our daily works we done, so that if the time comes we need screw we can get them in a jiffy without any stress, another good case study we All about Screws is important. Why not also try to purchase screws with different sizes that is applicable to our devices like the one in computer chasing screw, hard disk screw enclosure, rack mount screw and so forth for backup purposes. The more organize & readily available your tools or screws is the more effective your IT Department in handling their daily chores, another classic case study for All about Screws.