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Tech Tips for 2017

2019-09-27T08:20:13+08:00January 3rd, 2017|

Here's our Tech Tips for 2017: We want to make sure your first week of 2017 is in the smooth and productive way to start going that's why we are starting with Tech Tips for 2017 for the Blog. Make a Habit of Changing Password as a Lifestyle - 2016 is a year where lots [...]

Top Ten Predictions in the World of Technology of 2017.

2019-09-27T08:24:18+08:00December 27th, 2016|

Here's our Top Ten Predictions in the World of Technology of 2017.   1. The Comeback of Laptop - Laptop are getting stronghold in the latest consumer survey, just because Manufacturer are doing good job in developing 2-in-1 Laptop which we were amaze with the performance, design, ergonomics and pricing range. 2.Tablet Device Market is [...]

Web Designing

2019-09-27T17:42:04+08:00July 7th, 2016|

Web Designing is another good topic talk about and will share to you about our thoughts and insights about the inner world of Web Designing. 1. Web Designing task has been involve dramatically thanks to the genius of developer who innovate the CMS Technologies such as Wordpress and Joomla. Doing Web designing is now intuitive [...]

Digitizing your Business

2019-09-27T17:43:07+08:00July 7th, 2016|

Nowadays every time you go certain places you see people most of the time using their gadget either from Smartphone, Tablet and Smart wrist watch. It's a big revolutionary change to our society that sometimes even us we cannot control this pacing and we end up blending to the change. Gadget are the new vehicle [...]

Preventing Identity Theft

2019-09-27T17:44:13+08:00April 28th, 2016|

Preventing Identity Theft With the recent Philippines Comelec Website Hacked and leaking Philippines Voters Information Database in the wild, it's pretty sure Identity Theft is around the corner already. That's why we would like to share with you some tips on Preventing Identity Theft. 1. Detaching to Social Media and Web --> Make sure any [...]

All About Apps PART 2

2019-09-27T17:45:12+08:00March 29th, 2016|

All About Apps PART 2 Apps is a very long topic of Discussion that's why we come up another continuation discussion, so we title it All About Apps PART 2. We hope you learn something with our technology sharing.   1. Apps is gaining more traction in the Mobile Market and it's gaining more market [...]

Quick Tips for Making Battery Life Longer to your IT Devices

2019-09-27T17:46:01+08:00March 26th, 2016|

Quick Tips for Making Battery Life Longer to your IT Devices. The Infamous Brightness Settings - By Default common IT Devices Brightness Settings is configure Automatic by Default, but calibrating it according to your visual need significantly improve battery life to your IT Devices. Prolong Charging - Prolong or Overnight Charging causes your Battery Life [...]

Some Survival Tips for your Computer, Laptop and Hybrid Tablet

2019-09-27T17:46:58+08:00March 26th, 2016|

Some Survival Tips for your Computer, Laptop and Hybrid Tablet We would like to share with you some of Survival Tips for your Computer, Laptop and Hybrid Laptop/Tablet so stick around and enjoy our technology sharing. 1. Documentation & Packages - We knew this is not anymore common practice, but preserving manual, receipt,packages and DVD [...]

Software Update

2019-09-27T17:47:52+08:00December 1st, 2015|

Why is Software Update is so significant in the Technology Business Revolutionary today (2015). We will discuss some of our insights as why Software Update is so powerful in the realm of Software Business industry. As you can see current trends nowadays more people are moving in the purchasing Software and Application in the legit way that's [...]

All about Applications

2015-11-17T10:17:26+08:00November 16th, 2015|

All About Applications is a very good topic to bring in our blog and we would like to share with you some list of tips and Knowledge we learned from our day to day working life. Please note we just combine All About Applications topics relating to Computer and Mobile Devices. Since this is an Era [...]


2015-06-19T14:46:15+08:00May 13th, 2015|

Cybersecurity Cybersecurity is one of the new buzzword rising since 2014 and it's a good topic to bring up to this blog and discuss the importance of awareness and benefits of considering cyber security in your Business Organization. Let's begin with the definition of Cybersecurity - is compose of best practices & methodologies, technologies and [...]

Shopping Online

2015-05-08T06:38:34+08:00May 8th, 2015|

Shopping Online is another good topic to bring up to this blog and we knew there's still a lot companies out there doesn't have Shopping Online Business Route. So let's enumerate why we need to reconsider this option and understand the great potentials can do to your business buttom line. Note: Applicable to Companies who [...]

Digital Marketing

2015-05-08T06:41:10+08:00May 8th, 2015|

As the year 2015 started Digital Marketing is now considered a buzzword from the Corporate Market. Let's unravel why Digital Marketing is so important to your business and why you need to invest to this new practices.   To define Digital Marketing is the same definition from our traditonal Marketing we know, it's just has a twist [...]

Data and Content

2015-05-06T14:13:28+08:00May 6th, 2015|

As we passed the evolution of the Mobile Gadgets (Tablet, Smartphone, etc) and Cloud Based Solution, there's some common denominator for these technologies why it pushing the envelope. The answer: Data and Content. That's why we will explore why Data and Content is so vital to our Business and why we need to fully understand it's [...]

All About Settings

2015-05-07T08:15:27+08:00May 5th, 2015|

Settings is always part of our daily technology life and sometimes we typically ignore the potentials can do to our systems or mobile gadget. That's why its a good idea to bring up this "All About Settings" topic to our blog. So here's our thoughts and insights based on our experience.   The Good: 1. [...]

Tech Tips: Shared Folders

2014-11-19T13:08:14+08:00November 19th, 2014|

Tech Tips: Shared Folders Shared Folders should be treated seriously as this folder contain all the important working files of your Department. Typically your IT Department assign Shared Folder per Department and it's your responsibility also (aside from your local IT) to manage, administer and audit the usage of this folder. 1. Revisit the IT [...]

All About Instructions Manual

2014-11-18T03:54:54+08:00November 18th, 2014|

All About Instructions Manual is a classic and very fundamental technique in helping us more efficient with our IT jobs, so stick around and enjoy. Instructions Manual can either hard copy or softcopy and can be seen in our typical household appliances up to IT Equipment, so it's tell us a reasons behind why they are there? [...]

100% Quality and 100% Service

2014-11-17T13:24:57+08:00November 17th, 2014|

Quality and Service is a good topic to discuss in our Blog and after reading this you'll understand importance of this topic to your IT Career & job. There's a reasons why we choose 100% Quality and 100% Service as our title of blog, so let's tackle it one by one.. 1. Quality and Service [...]

Global IT Support

2014-11-18T04:01:27+08:00November 17th, 2014|

At P-Tech People and Technology Inc. we cater Global IT Support to our clients outside of Philippines premise. From Remote NOC, IT Helpdesk, Systems & IT Security Administration up to Network Management. We tailor fit our Global IT Support based on our clients requirement from 24x7 shift, Phone Call Support or to a specific time zone IT Support where we can [...]

All About Forum

2014-10-08T15:09:19+08:00October 8th, 2014|

Whenever you visit any Product Website there's always a section called Forum. Lots of people ask what it can do for us in IT point of view? Well that's what we gonna discuss about the benefits of visiting and reading Company Website Forum, so stick around. Forum is in the Web industry for a long [...]

The Values of doing a Report

2014-10-01T01:39:54+08:00October 1st, 2014|

IT Report are sometimes misunderstood and taken for granted while others take it a bright side of their IT career path, that's why we decided to explore The Values of doing a Report in your IT career and IT Organization. By default Report is a way to measure and analayze performance of a certain subject [...]

Effective Troubleshooting require more relevant info

2014-09-30T05:07:56+08:00September 30th, 2014|

Another helpful topic to share to our blog is Effective Troubleshooting require more relevant info. We all knew troubleshooting require a focus mental analysis to solve critical issue on an acceptable time manner and that effort is where you need to find the root cause of the problem. But the compelling question is how do [...]

Tech Tips: Laptop Hardening

2014-09-26T13:13:22+08:00September 26th, 2014|

Tech Tips: Laptop Hardening BIOS Hardening: Disable DVD/CD ROM Disable USB Ports Disable Serial Ports Disable Parallel Ports Enable Smart Lock (if applicable) Operating Systems Hardening (Windows , Linux, Mac OS). Group Policy Hardening (For Windows Platform). Browser Hardening (IE, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox,etc). Email client Hardening. Patch Management (For Windows Platform). Registry Hardening (For [...]

Tech Tips: How to protect your Data residing in IT Gadgets?

2014-09-25T06:40:13+08:00September 25th, 2014|

No matter how careful we are in securing our personalized or companty assigned IT Gadgets, sometimes we meet the “inevitable” events like forcibly taken to you by thieves about your IT Gadgets. So how you gonna protect your data from this sudden or unexpected events? We will share with you some of the Tech Tips [...]

All About Logs

2014-09-24T13:54:29+08:00September 24th, 2014|

All About Logs is a very interesting topic to discuss and it’s not a common item being discuss by IT staff except from the IT Specialist level. Typically you’ll just heard of this word when there’s outage need to resolve, audit, IT Security investigation, that’s why some IT people tend to sway-off this topic if [...]

The Rise of Cloud Based Analytics

2014-09-24T09:46:45+08:00September 24th, 2014|

There’s a lot of Buzz going on since February 2014 about Cloud Based Analytics or Business Inteligence (BI) and some Big Companies like IBM, Oracle, SAP, DELL, HP, and Salesforce are already starting to showcase their Cloud Based Analytics or BI products. So it’s a good timing and opportunities for us to include this in [...]

Why QA Checking should be part of your IT routines?

2014-09-17T15:18:25+08:00September 17th, 2014|

QA Checking is a good topic to bring up to this blog as a good sense to revalidate and re-align our IT routine tasks. As we all knows IT jobs continue to evolve from mulit-role tasking, adapting fast trend emerging technologies, fast pace troubleshooting, critical thinking, delighting our customers and so forth.. So if QA [...]

TECH TIPS: Password

2014-09-16T14:01:08+08:00September 16th, 2014|

Some TECH TIPS we would like to share with you regarding Password: Do not post your password in Post-it note where everyone could see. Do not share your password, some companies consider this terminable offense. Do not use same password with your personal account and Business related account. Recommended password length should be 12 characters. [...]

Basic Technique in Troubleshooting Internet Connection

2014-09-10T05:05:30+08:00September 10th, 2014|

Here's some Basic technique in troubleshooting Internet Connection Problem. Note: This technique is applicable for Laptop, Computer or Server only. 1. Check your patch cord (network cable) if working properly. 2. Check if the patch cord connecting to the network port has LED light ON. If not then you need to call your local IT. 3. Check [...]

IT is an Effective Partner in your Company Business Innovation

2014-09-09T14:16:30+08:00September 9th, 2014|

IT is an Effective Partner in your Company Business Innovation is another good topic to discuss in our blog and we want to share some levels of awareness that can boost your business growth. 1. Limitation of the Human Brain - Let's face it we also run out of ideas from time to time and we typically [...]

The Risk of having Freelance IT

2014-09-10T02:36:13+08:00September 8th, 2014|

The Risk of having Freelance IT is a very interesting topic to discuss especially for the SME Business owners who can relate. Our objective here is to share with you some of the pros and cons of having undocumented agreement with a Freelance IT and provide some of our expert insights for you to think about and to make [...]

Time is an important factor in your Technology Decisions

2014-09-02T16:32:06+08:00September 2nd, 2014|

Time is an important factor in your Technology Decisions is a very good topic to discuss in our articles; we will share with you our thoughts and insights as why you need to include "Time Factor" in your decision regarding Technology stuff anyway they are obviously the most expensive investment your company will made. First [...]

Hard disk Maintenance

2014-08-27T05:12:42+08:00August 27th, 2014|

With the recent launch of new technologies innovation for Hard disk, we think it is a right timing for us to include Hard disk Maintenance topic in our blog articles. So our purpose here is to give you some awareness on how to maintain in good shape your laptop, Computer and Server hard disk and reach its peak level [...]

Knowledge Base

2014-09-08T14:43:01+08:00August 26th, 2014|

Knowledge Base is another classic technique to enhance further your IT staff efficiency, documenting IT Operation and IT Infrastructure. It is also widely used by several big companies to lessen their commonly ask questions and focus more in complex or critical issues. We already discussed IT FAQ's, How To's, IT Endorsement, IT Documentation on our previous articles and if [...]

Positive Attitude

2014-08-23T11:48:22+08:00August 23rd, 2014|

Positive Attitude is a very common & broad topic and you can find it everywhere from the leadership books, Internet and training. But why we want to include in our blog topic? Well it’s a given that Positive Attitude is applicable to everyone and to all industries out there, so it's in the IT industries as well. [...]

Repairing IT devices

2014-08-20T07:09:15+08:00August 20th, 2014|

Repairing IT Devices is another classic topic flowing around in the day to day IT Department Operation and it's a never-ending debatable subject that not all will accept especially the IT Staff. We will tackle some actual FACTS, current trend practices, of course the PROS & CONS and our expert advice to this matter. After [...]

All About File Folders

2014-08-19T14:00:01+08:00August 19th, 2014|

Yup it's All About File Folders our topic for blog the one you commonly found in the bookstore, grocery, stationary. It's a common stationary item that has big impact to the IT Department Operation and we will enumerate the importance later on. We all knew some companies out there are now practicing for a paperless workplace organization but it [...]

The Almighty Standardized Approach

2014-08-19T07:21:53+08:00August 19th, 2014|

They are lots of things you need to consider about Standardized Approach in your day-to-day IT Roles, but only few give it a chance or importance. Even the brute strength of the Famous Linux Operating Systems bow to their knees to the Almighty Standardized Approach, so let’s explore the actual FACTS and potentials of the [...]

Company Website & Facebook

2014-08-15T14:42:57+08:00August 15th, 2014|

Company Website & Facebook is a fascinating topic we want to bring up to this blog as dramatic changes happening right now in the landmark of SME Business sector from which it really caught our attention. Actually as of today, old & new companies are now considering Facebook as their "primary" company website and the [...]