Demystified Big Data

For the past weeks of attending training,seminars and new products launch, we found out that Big Data topic is everywhere from the Crowd, Guest Speakers, Platform Folks and even in their presentation deck. So we decided to make a good topic for our blog section, so let’s demystified Big Data is and what can it do for us?

1. Big Data is not variation of Database, but it’s a new technology breakthrough of handling humongous information repository.

2. Database is a collection of structure & organize data made by processor and place it in a single or multiple repository, while Big Data is compose of more than 80% unorganized data and not a byproduct made by processor and can be single or multiple repository.

3. Big Data is the byproduct of Cloud Systems and Social Media evolution. With the rise of Cloud and Social media, they unexpected collate a huge repository of mixed and un-organize data. Sample some dynamic info you put in your Facebook page and multiple that to the rest of the whole world who do the same thing you do in Facebook and you got a monster repository of the data (structure & unstructured) aka Big Data.

4. In Database the processor process the data to form Database, while in Big Data the processor can be combine into Big Data to form one Systems.

5. Not all companies will have Big Data due to the fact that their working data is not huge enough to be tag as Big Data. Classic case of Demystified Big Data.

6. Not all companies can afford to have Big Data as this require big investment in infrastructure or Data center. Another good case for Demystified Big Data.

7. If your company business do e-commerce like B2C or B2B and don’t have restriction in customer market, then you have the potential to have Big Data.

8. Facebook, Amazon, Google, Ebay, Airlines Businesses are companies that definitely have Big Data, which due to the fact of their nature of business, diverse customer market plus they have the facility & luxury to afford expensive data center to hold tons of Big Data. This is a real case study for Demystified Big Data.

9. The way you interpret Data from Big Data is the same with Database but Database has some limitation due to current market processor design, unlike in Big Data the processor is tightly integrated inside the Big Data architecture. So the potential opportunities for new line of profit are huge for the Tech Companies like HP, IBM and DELL.

10. Another line of IT career & jobs will evolve aside from the existing MIS (Management Information System) Group. Data Scientist, Data Engineer, BIG Data Specialist are some of the possible positions would be popping out in the Big Tech Companies within the next 5- 10 yrs to come.

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