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Fleet Management Solutions

Fleet Management Solutions



GPS Only

GPS + Fuel Sensor

GPS + Fuel Sensor + Vehicle Health

Intelligent Vehicle Monitoring System

Predictive Monitoring
  • Monitors Vehicle Health on the real-time basis for faults/issues in Powertrain, Transmission/Gear Box, Electrical Systems, Engine Control Unit (ECU),Fuel Consumption, Mileage and Fuel Pilferage etc.

  • Key Benefits(Predictive Maintenance):

  • Advance warning/alert of failure leads to significant reduction in on-road break on of vehicles.

  • Increase in Operational hours of vehicle & increase in vehicle life.

  • Better Maintenance planning leading to lower turnaround time& maintenance cost.

  • Monitor un-ethical practices of fuel pilferage.

Driving Behavior
  • Monitors driving behaviour for free-running (neutral driving) ; Over-speeding ; Overstaying ; Hard Braking ; Harsh acceleration etc  (Driving Score card).

  • Key Benefits:

  • Driving Scorecard helps in objective evaluation of driver performance /appraisal.

  • Increased safety of goods, vehicle and human life.

  • Better Maintenance planning leading to lower turnaround time & maintenance cost.

Operational Automation
  • Information Dashboards (MIS) for making informed decisions – idle time, kms driven, trip time , fuel consumed etc.

  • Daily driver behavior and violations reports.

  • Easily configurable alerts.

Location Tracking
  • Real-time vehicle tracking.

  • Define different hubs and geofences.

  • Unlimited number of geofences can be set.

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