9 ideas for IPV6 Planning and Implementation

IPV6 implementation is something cannot be done by overnight execution, It require a very extensive planning & execution and here’s why:

1. It require justification of benefits in the top management.

2. Proper budget planning is a must (for longer term).

3. Assessment of your current infrastructure equipment if support IPV6 or not.

4. Your Desktop Operating system and third party apps should also included in this assessment.

5. Proper training for your IT staff so that they can support effectively when problem arise in IPV6 Planning and Implementation.

6. Support from your local Telco and ISP providers.

7. Of course you need not to forget about your internal stakeholders who will be affected in case of outage. You should also have their support with this project since some of their Departments are the one will finance your project, let’s say they are the income generator of your company.

8. Taping to IT community who has already experience in handling IPV6 project require time, but they will give some invaluable advise,experiences and tips on making this project a SUCCESS.

9. Lastly, make sure you are physically fit and taken enough rest to execute this monumental process.