Knowledge Base

Is another classic technique to enhance further your IT staff efficiency, documenting IT Operation and IT Infrastructure. It is also widely used by several big companies to lessen their commonly ask questions and focus more in complex or critical issues.

We already discussed IT FAQ’s, How To’s, IT Endorsement, IT Documentation on our previous articles and if you analyze their concepts & compare it with the Knowledge Base they are almost similar to each other, so why we want to include this in our Blog Articles anyway? Our answer is we want to share with you some techniques commonly used by the Big & Successful Companies out there. Also you might want to consider to use all the techniques we discussed which include the Knowledge Base in your day to day IT Department Operation as this will enhance further your team productivity in the next level, and if some of your staff is not incline to do How To’s but acceptable to them Knowledge Base then why not assign to them the roles? But of course there’s also a catch if it is too many and you have too many work load and limited IT manpower then it will be another challenges to your team, so it’s depend as which technique will be effective to your IT team success.

Since we have share with you the different techniques and the potentials of Knowledge Base, all of these will work to your team’s advantage if there’s execution, focus and passion, so please take note of that.