4 Expert Advise as Why QA Checking should be part of IT routines

QA Checking is a good topic to bring up to this blog as a good sense to re-validate and re-align our IT routine tasks. As we all knows IT jobs continue to evolve from multi-role tasking, adapting fast trend emerging technologies, fast pace troubleshooting, critical thinking, delighting our customers and so forth.. So if QA checking is not factor-in to our norms then all the enormous efforts we’ve done will just be superseded by just one flaw, it’s a reality but it’s true.. But of course we don’t want that to happen that’s why we will share some our expert insights and point of view for you to reflect and give it a try, you know there’s nothing wrong to try?

1. When your IT vendor fix and replace some IT equipment parts never rely to them 100%, it’s a must for you to do your part by performing QA Check-up of their jobs if it satisfy or addressed your customers needs. Remember you’re the only knowledgeable IT person (comparing to the IT vendor) who can identify if it resolves the issues or not?

2. If you have OJT or Interns doing some critical roles like assisting your customers IT issues, it’s essential for you to do QA Checking their jobs and never leave them unsupervised. So this is a must for QA Checking should be part of IT routines.

3. If you have new on-board IT staff in your department, as a senior (or let’s say the most tenure) it is our responsibility to guide them by performing QA checking their tasks. By doing this promote camaraderie in your group and earn respects for them.

4. One of the common traits for being excellence is QA checking, no wonder why some companies associate their products and services with QA markings, because people tend to get attracted more. Again QA Checking should be part of IT routines.

QA Checking should be part of IT routines is already SOP for our Managed Services Offering. You can visit the site at https://www.ptech.com.ph/managed-services/