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Introducing The First Ever Self-Checkout SmartCart in AsiaThe Most Accurate Real-time Pre & Post-Shopping Insights Artificial, Actual & Actionable Intelligence.

Self Checkout

ezyList Mobile (Demand)

What are consumers around me adding to their Shopping Lists?
Have my customers’ preferences for products, brands, ingredients & source changed?

ezyRetail (Engagement)

How can I inform consumers that I have what they want in stock?
How can I engage and incentivise them to visit my store with personalised promotions & offers?

ezyCart (Experience)

ezCart's built-in navigation makes it easy for you to locate products in your shopping list.
ezCart enables self-checkout without ever queuing at the cashier.


1Heavy Duty Android Tablet
2Built-in Power Mgmt
3Intelligent Wheels
4Barcode Scanner
5Camera & Sensors
6Recognition & AI Learning
7Weight Sensors


  • Industrial-grade Android Tablet Screens ezyCart Interface.
  • In addition to store’s charging docks that keep unit charged when not in use, built-in power management module extends usage capability.
  • Intelligent whee’s prevent theft of carts by locking the wheels automatically when the cart crosses a pre-determined store perimeter (indoor or outdoor).
  • Barcode Scanner identifies SKU and UPC Code and provide list point of product identification.
  • Sensors count number of items going into & out of the cart providing 2nd point of validation.
  • Camera transmits images of products added to cart to the system for 2nd point of product validation where systems looks for a possible match, while adding new images to the image library for continuous machine learning.
  • Custom designed Weighing Sensors at bottom of cart that can accept up to 800 Kg, managed by scientifically derived algorithms, enable 3rd point of validation of products added to cart.



  • ezyRetail provides retailers accurate insights into accurate demand, as well as tools to engage ezyList users with relevant & timely promotions.
  • Our retail analytics platform aggregates ezyList data into real-time hyperlocal Demand Analytics, enabling retailers to plan inventory, prices & promotions more efficiently based on location and demand, and push them seamlessly to ezyList users.
  • ezyRetail support multiple platform such as AWS, Azure, Alibaba and Cloud Infrastructure ready.
  • Portal can be customize and put Business or Brand logo and customize your Company color theme.


Smartphone Screenshots


  • ezyList is a free dynamic mobile Shopping List app that allows consumers to plan their household shopping.
  • Users may create multiple shopping lists and add products, check price, availability, offers and promotions at participating stores, as well as history & rewards.
  • ezyList QR enables users to sign into ezyCart to enjoy highly personalized shopping experiences.
  • ezyList QR unlocks ezyCart and allows users to access their shopping lists, store catalogue, history, and personalized offers, promotions & rewards.
  • ezyList Mobile app could be either Android or IOS.
  • ezyList is configurable and could put your Company Logo or specific Branding of choice.

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