Single Sign on Solutions

Is one of the innovative ways to make your IT Department equipment administration easier, imagine if your Company is world wide scale and your IT Organization is also spread across the globe, how do they manage the delegation of access of all equipment & systems from the contractor up to the rank and file who just promoted to a specialist level. How about if the person in-charge of account access is in different time zone and out of nowhere suddenly resign? how can you fill-up the role in a span of less than 12 hrs of his/her time of resignation? And same time you should cater the access request for your IT Department and contractor around the globe for them to their duties or special project.

Single Sign on Solutions is the right tool for your organization if your critical devices and IT Organization is spread across the globe. All the Access Right challenges you’ll encounter will be address by this tool and they are lots of Single Sign-on Solutions variant out there in the market and it’s about how you assess these products and will fit to your business operation.

Single Sign on Solutions has lots of configuration approach, but if your systems is in Windows Active Directory then we highly recommend to try the Integrated Windows Authentication. Just to be sure consult your IT Security team if will align or acceptable to their standard.