7 Facts about Standardized Approach

They are lots of things you need to consider about Standardized Approach in your day-to-day IT Roles, but only few give it a chance or importance. Even the brute strength of the Famous Linux Operating Systems bow to their knees to the Almighty Standardized Approach, so let’s explore the actual FACTS and potentials of the Almighty Standardized Approach in your IT world.

  1. Let’s face it, the concept of Standardization was already being practices by our elders centuries ago and it shapes our humanity to the next level. What we are saying is Standards is everywhere in different industries like science and medicines, so why can’t we implement in an IT Perspective?
  2. Political motive is one of the causes why there’s no standardization in some of the Company IT Department. If you get notice once there’s shakedown happening in the IT Department, so it’s their IT standards also being change and if this happening too often then it’s not healthy to the Company business, end-users, customers, stakeholders and investors. A classic case study for Standardized Approach
  3. Imagine if there’s no standard specs/brand implied in your IT equipment like Computers or laptop and adding to that you got 20 vendors who provide so many variations of Computers & Laptop brand and model. It’s anarchy to the Technical Support Team or Desktop Support group of having so many variations Computer & laptops to support, plus the drivers they need to organize.
  4. On the Systems Administration aspects having non-standardized approach in an email access affect the momentum of company staff productivity plus combining the rapid change of mobility technology is chaos in the making.
  5. Not having standardize IT Methodologies is prone to abuse by your IT Staff, thus they will make your IT investment just their plain personal laboratories for their self-interest goal.
  6. Microsoft team never underestimate the power of standardize approach concept in developing their Desktops Application products. As you can see Microsoft Office is still around as of today. Another classic case study for Standardized Approach
  7. On the Desktop aspect, Linux was not successful in penetrating the Desktop & Office Productivity market worldwide. We knew Linux is strong in the Server Services but on the desktop side and desktop application it’s not a common sight you can see nowadays in a real world business. There’s some reasons behind and one of them is due to lack of standardize approach which they are so many variant and flavors to consider plus the support is pricey comparing to the Microsoft Desktop platform and applications. Now you’ll understand as why they didn’t succeed in the desktop & office productivity market even though the licenses are free or cheap.

So there you go some of the 7 facts & potentials of Standardize Approach in the world of IT. We knew there a lot more to write, but our objective is to give you a quick reflection & understanding of Standardization Concepts in your IT Department Operation.