Tech Buzz something to look for 2017:

Here’s some Tech Buzz you might want to look for 2017 as it worth time to check and assess if will bring value to your Company Business Needs.

  1. Amazon Launching AWS Managed Services – This December 2016, Amazon Company has made an announcement about AWS Managed Services, actually it’s a suite tool to managed your Cloud Infrastructure. For those Companies who utilize Amazon Cloud then it’s a good opportunity to check this service suite.
  2. Microsoft And Snapdragon Chipset – Microsoft is forging an partnership with Snapdragon Chipset Company and we know what it means. It means Microsoft will be available in small mobile devices that support Qualcomm Chips or Smartphone form factor based on Windows 10 OS will be just around the corner.
  3. Microsoft BaaS – Microsoft just recently announce Azure Blockchain as a Services. For those who doesn’t know Blockchain is a data structure for creating Digital transaction Ledger. Expect more Business LOB and new IT Career job will be open to this announcement.
  4. Web Design Trends for 2017 – With the recent update of WordPress CMS 4.7, expect lots of changes will happen to the Business Competition in Web Services and E-Commerce. More quality WordPress add-ons will pop out, so better check this tech which might be applicable to your company needs.
  5. IT Security Incidents – They are lots of IT Security Incidents happened in 2016, so better fortify your defense in your IT infrastructure and your Company Data. If your Business is not in the world of IT better tap to the EXPERT.
  6. Windows 10 Constantly Evolving – With this year Windows 10 aggressive marketing and sales, Microsoft is continuously making changes and fine tuning the performance of Windows 10, so better monitor for any update coming from Microsoft for any change logs that will help your Company Business Operation.
  7. PHP & Python – PHP and Python is getting a lot of buzz about competition to one another, but actually both of them excellent tool for your Web Application Development since we are in the era of mobile computing. What we would like to say here is invest to a technology that based to this programming tool as will future proof your Web App Project Support.