7 Tech Tips Shared Folders

Shared Folders should be treated seriously as this folder contain all the important working files of your Department. Typically your IT Department assign Shared Folder per Department and it’s your responsibility also (aside from your local IT) to manage, administer and audit the usage of this folder.

1. Revisit the IT Policy regarding the proper usage of File Server Shared Folders. A classic Tech Tips Shared Folders we can offer.

2. It’s a must you understand clearly the IT Policy relating to the Shared Folders, if not then why not ask for an one-on-one discussion with your local IT to explain in layman terms and gain more friends from your friendly neighborhood IT Department.

3. Do not store media files (MP3 AVI, etc.) that not related to the Company Business nor your Department Operation files.

4. There’s should be someone in charge of your Department Shared Folder. If no one would take charge then it reflect your Department Teamwork.

5. Make it a habit to review all the permission assigned to your Department Shared Folders. We don’t want anyone snooping around your confidential files.

6. Don’t depend too much in your local IT regular backup, ask for backup options.

7. Your company can only accommodate certain nos of disk space per Department, so if you have enormous files then try to archives which are 5 yrs old and above.

Hope you learned from the topic we shared about Tech Tips Shared Folders

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