They are sometimes called Desktop Engineer, Desktop Support Staff, PC Technician, Support Specialist, IT Officer, IT Support , Level 2 Support and sometimes mistaken as IT Help-desk Personnel, but they are the most visible group from your IT Dept. Technical Support Engineer are the one who goes to the production floor, user office cubicle and interact with your internal users directly, they are also considered runner of your Dept, because they immediately respond if there’s immediate request like fixing the projector if not working during the presentation of potential customers, imagine if your IT Dept office is  located in different building.

They also perform unexpected rush work like setting up computers from a new site when there’s unplanned ramp-up to your business. Technical Support Group are also Finance buddy in terms of Asset inventories as which they work hand in hand with company equipment relating to cross reference of devices serial nos and finance record. If your Technical Support Group reach it’s maturity and right experience, they are the good candidate for your Systems Administrator Group as long they will provide proper training and buddy -up with them.







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