Touch-Free Attendance
  • Contact-free SOP compliance for social distancing and attendance.

  • Live dashboard on the cloud with real-time alerts. 

  • Option of smartphone, laptop based registration of employees with Employee ID and Name

  • Face recognition & identification technology works even without internet at 99.23% efficiency

  • Liveliness detection to detect non-real photos

Temperature Checks
  • Ensures that the temperature checks of all the employees is done before the entry inside the work environment.

  • Alerts the employees and admin if the temperature is not in the permissible range.

Sanitization Compliance
  • Our solution will give inputs if the employees have sanitized their hands during the required time duration. 

  • You can get the statistics showing the number of employees sanitized during the hours of the day.

Mask Compliance
  • Our solution can detect through facial detection & mask recognition algorithm if the employees are wearing masks if they are in the office premises. 

  • Like other SOP parameters the statistics about mask protection at an individual level can be recorded and in turn reports can be generated.

Getting into Action
  • Place the device at the desired location and connect to power.

  • Register through our mobile wifi application for the device to connect with your wifi.

  • Call our support number, we will help you setup the online dashboard. [We can also pre-configure it]

  • Register your employees through the online portal and get into action.

1Sanitizer Liquid Indicator
2Can hold 1 liter of Disinfectant Liquid
3Camera Sensor
4Sanitizer Nozzle
5Working 8 hrs w/o Power & Internet.
6Camera Sensor
7LCD Screen
  • Touchfree attendance

  • Sanitization compliance

  • Temperature measurement

  • Mask protection compliance

  • Sanitizer liquid can be refill by the customer whatever the brand they preferred.

In-Store Visitor Insights

  • Traffic Sense 3.0: 

    Know: Individual visitors and group walk-in count calculated hourly. Age and Gender demographics of visitors. Peak Hours across day and week. 

  • Customer Sense:

    Know: Unique visitor intelligence specific to your business. For eg: how many visitors were wearing glasses?

  • Aisle Sense: 

    Know: In which department/aisle are your visitors spending the most time? which path is most commonly taken? Which spots are most under-utilized? 

  • Ad Sense: 

    Know: which ads capture more attention, further segregated by gender. Where should you place the ads to get most visibility?

Dashboard & Overview
  • Works with  existing security camera

  • Windows App based application

  • Patented (No. 2019310292050)

  • Real-time information

  • Web Based Dashboard

  • 15 minutes to go live

  • Compatible with various camera brands

ClearHealth FAQ

Remote support and there will be 3 steps procedures to connect to WIFI. Similar to Alexa set-up

It can plug to 220v power outlet. Healthsense power supply could support 110-240V

ClearHealth will need a AWS and Azure connection in order to operate. 

Yes can we install Healthsense software in your AWS or Azure.

We provide unit replacement for defective unit and do remote Cloud Support.

No, but your face can’t be covered completely. Eyes and forehead have to be visible.

8 hour power back-up is present. Up to 24 hours of data storage is available locally and push back info to the cloud once the internet is back online.

CE Compliance, ISO 13485

Yes. SDKs are available but integration is not included in the price.

320mm x 210mm x 125 mm / 3-5 Kgs Approx / Metal Body.

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