100 Percent Quality and 100 Percent Service

Quality and Service is a good topic to discuss in our Blog and after reading this you’ll understand importance of this topic to your IT Career & job.

There’s a reasons why we choose 100% Quality and 100% Service as our title of blog, so let’s tackle it one by one..

1. Quality and Service are like Spoon and Fork. They blend each other for a common goal and they can operate separately (sometimes).

2. No matter how tremendous your effort have done relating to IT Service, but if the quality is not par or acceptable to client. Either you have to redo your work or your customer might misjudge your IT skills. Of course with the exception of the newbie, but if you are already veteran and your client knows it the more pressure will come in the way, so 100% Quality still bind with 100% Service.

3. Possessing Good Quality and Good Service in your work value has always a good place in your career and well being. Remember your Boss are keen to these aspects.

4. No matter how big your make mistake in your job, but if you are consistent with the 100% Quality and 100% Service of your job performance. Then your previous mistake will dissolve in the process given you are consistent with it.

5. No matter where do you go for an IT job, if you are carrying these kind of values (100% and 100% Service) to your everyday work then expect your customers and stakeholders will love you and treat you as their department asset.

6. Passion debut 100 Percent Quality and 100 Percent Service, remember that.

So there you go why is so important about the 100 Percent Quality and 100 Percent Service in your IT Career and job.