Cloud Policy

Lots of companies now are considering Cloud Solutions in their business and if your one of them then we suggest start planning now for an effective Cloud Policy in your company. Drafting this kind of policy requires a team effort from the different department particularly the one who will use this system everyday. The approach is like drafting your IT Security Policy & IT Procedures plus some of the existing components can be also applicable in creating your first Cloud Policy, just make sure that all department (if possible) should be involve in the review process as they will be your end user later on.

When drafting the Cloud Policy make sure that you have identified all possible risks involved from the Business, HR and Legal perspective as this will add more level of effectiveness to your policy, we also recommend that you include list of standards in your Cloud Policy as this will help guide your company in case of moving to another Cloud Provider.

Lastly once your Cloud Policy has been completed and approved from the Top Management it doesn’t mean it ends there, you should also consider reviewing this policy from time to time as your company progress in adapting the work culture of Cloud Computing from which will make your Cloud Policy very effective.