Data Breach and DVD ROM

Nowadays when you purchase laptop or computers in the vendor they typically included the DVD ROM as a standard configuration. If you requested that they should remove the DVD ROM in the configuration so that price of the laptop and computer will be lower, they will say that the price is the same and you can use the DVD ROM module for future use.

Now if the vendor able to convince you that they will still deliver the DVD ROM let’s say you order 2,500 computers for your company PC upgrade for Windows 7/8 upgrade requirements what potential challenges your team will face:

1. Where you going to store the 2,500 DVD ROM in the first place? A good case study for Data Breach and DVD ROM.

2. Loose items means potential risk of getting lost and additional workload burden to your resources.

3. If your business is handling sensitive data, this is disaster in the making.

With that being said… avoid security risk (relating to Data Breach perspective) and avoid unnecessary cost and ask the vendor for trade-off equipment that your company would actually use.