8 Benefits of IT Bulletin Board

Is another technique to make your IT Department organize and the star subject we are referring too is the physical Cork Board itself and not the electronic one (Intranet type). At this timeline we all knew electronics is everywhere in our life & workplace, so let’s try something else that is proven useful for decades and will facilitate good camaraderie in our team.

Please note: If your IT Department Office is in the enclose area or room then this topic discussion is applicable ,but if your working area is in cubicle outside and open to all staff then this subject of discussion may not be applicable.

1. You can ask your IT Team to come up a design for your IT Bulletin Board just to make it more appealing or eye catchy at the same time it nurture creativity to your team. A classic case study for IT Bulletin Board.

2. In case of outage and your electronic based Intranet is down, then you have a backup or alternative to collaborate with your team in different shift.

3. You can use it as endorsement tool like IT Cases that you need to endorse to your team mate especially if your IT Operation is in 24×7 shift.

4. You can post your team schedule or schedule leaves. Another good case study for IT Bulletin Board.

5. Posting of your new team members pictures for awareness.

6. You can post your IT Department outing or anti burn-out activities.

7. Put some funny avatar as long it didn’t offend your team mate.

8. You can post your team Birthday events.