IT Helpdesk Engineer

They place important role in your IT Department. They are the one who initiate, organize job request via Ticketing systems and assign proper SLA according to what expectation from the requesting Department Stakeholders. Excellent communication (both verbal and written) and Customer service skills should be SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) to IT Helpdesk Engineer soft-skill training plan which will benefit them in handling irate users.

It is wise to invest to this kind of IT Group if your Business Organization is growing rapidly and your operation is becoming 24×7. Some companies practices combination IT Helpdesk Engineer and Technical Support Role into one for budgetary reason and simplify the reporting matrix which is acceptable but you need to know when is the right time to spin-off their responsibility when the time comes.

It is common nowadays that BIG Companies have dedicated & geographic scale IT Helpdesk team across their business and it’s consider as status quo of how sophisticated their business organization is.

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