IT Security Administrator is not your typical IT Staff who will provide support via phone call, support your Desktop Computer issue or install Telephone in your office. This folks are highly specialize in their field and has solid background in different IT aspect like Network, Systems, Operation, Database.

There some consideration that need to be taken when having IT Security Administrator and this should be given a big amount of time, thoughts, and careful decisions as not all Company (especially SME’s) will really need IT Security personnel in their team. Come to think of it having below 50 headcounts in your organization and having dedicated IT Security Personnel is a costly option in your business? Typically, IT Security Administrator are applicable if your organization is in Enterprise scale and if you have existing big IT headcount that will require to govern their respective IT duties and responsibilities, customer data and standard compliance’s such as General Data Protection Regulation aka GPDR.

In handling & securing your Company Business Information these are the right people who you can count on and making sure your IT Staff duties are properly align to your Business regulatory compliance.

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