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Learning Management System


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Learning Management System (LMS)

Knowledge Learning and Information Platform (KLIP)

KLIP- Learning Management System (LMS) enables Institutions and Corporation to provide BYTE sized learning and continuously upgrade/improve the skills and performance with personalized and structured learning and assessments for learners, employees and partners. It is multi-device compatible and can facilitate online or instructor-led Virtual programs in over 100 languages.

  • Deliver real-time content for Learning, Collaboration and Communication. Supports Multi-sensory content – Text, Audio, Video and Animation.

  • Learn online or via virtual classes with assessments, assignments, competitions and quizzes.

  • Collaborate and interact with SME’s and peers. Analytics to tailor learning based on individual performance and improve learning outcomes.

  • Game based learning with Leaderboards, Badges and Points to motivate and intent the learner.

  • Manage product, policy changes, compliance and broadcast all the informal learning for your organization and partners through dashboard.

KLIP– Key Features

KLIP – Differentiators

  • Analysis for Management/ Learners / Supervisor/Publisher.

  • Graphical Analytical Dashboards for every learner.

  • Reports to track activities and performance & progress.

Social Integration
  • Integrate various Social Networks like Facebook,
    Twitter, LinkedIn.

  • One click on-off feature for personalizing  content and UI.

  • Game mechanics to engage learners in learning and solving problems.

  • Personalize learning competitions to motivate learning teams and improve outcome.

3rd Party Integration
  • Integration to enterprise applications through APIs.

  • Provides increased agility, helps process automation and reduces IT complexity.

  • Bundled and custom content.


KLIP- Modules


Frequently Asked Questions

Is a specialize software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, and delivery of educational courses, training programs, or learning and development programs.

Learning management systems were designed to identify training and learning gaps, utilizing analytical data and reporting. LMS are focused on online learning delivery and support a wide range of use such as a platform for online content, including courses for academe or corporate.

  1. Simplify content creation and dissemination, reduces travel and printing costs, thereby leading to reduced learning/training costs.
  2. Collaborative model to drive engagement and productivity with the ability to monitor and control learning with real life scenarios and tests.
  3. Manage product rollouts, service changes, compliance and all the informal learning for your organization and partner Eco system. Deliver virtually and consistently across all locations/franchisees and assess impact in real time.
  4. Helps build a fraternity around partners and clients for constant networking and can push messages and content via this medium in real time.
  5. Byte Sized learning Improves learner performance in actual work environment by 30%.

Yes and KLIP-LMS also Cloud ready either in Public Cloud or Private Cloud setup.

KLIP is out-of-the-box LMS Solution, and we just configure the solution based on organization process and color theme. No need to build or do Programming from the Ground Up.

We can go live in 2-3 weeks, once all their requirements are confirmed and signed off. If any development is required, then it will depend on case to case basis.

Yes, we do. Feel free contact us and we are glad to assist you.

Yes we do. Feel free to contact us for the scheduling and presentation as well.

Our KLIP-LMS is SCORM 1.2 compliance.

We can offer both, subscription or perpetual.

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