There’s must be a compeling reasons why We need to Archive Our
Files and we will discuss with you some of the technical reasons
and our experiences.
1. We need to save more spaces for our File Server? or
Collaborative Application Platform. The more big files is store
the more added load to the systems which may cause sluggish
performance or purchase additional resources.

2. It takes time to search files especially you’re in the hurry.

3. Auditable from the IT Security perspective. Some IT Auditor
doesn’t recommend old files to stay there as it create Business
Risk to your organization.

4. Added workload to your IT Department Personnel. Of course the
bigger the Drive the longer it’s backup to finish.

5. Consume more power to your Servers if handling tons of files.

6. There must be a number of years for files need to be retain and
older than that should be Archive for safe keeping. This is
something your organizaiton need to discuss further.

7. Archiving your old files regularly increase confidence of your
IT Deparmtent personnel as they are constantly involve in handling
files thus they tend to become more sharpen in handling backup &
archiving Files.