The rise of Virtualization Solutions triggered an evolution from the Systems Administration spectrum and it also challenge the Server Manufacturer to adapt their product to the current trend of Virtualization approach.

Virtualization Solutions are systems that host virtual servers into one physical server, its primary objective why it was develop is to reduce the OPEX of Server & Datacenter Facility. Having a Virtualization Infrastructure you reduce server rack space, power consumption, licenses, simplify management of your servers. Before stepping into this kind of setup you need to invest time for the cost benefit analysis of your existing Server infrastructure and to your business as this will require huge one time investment to think about and justification to the top management.

Having a big investment in Virtualize Systems Facility require also to have skilled IT staff capable of managing this setup as not all companies have this kind of technology. You might want to check also the current trends of storage media as this play an important role in your Virtualize Systems performance.

Some of the Virtualization Solutions products we like to recommend are the Microsoft Hyper-V (2008 & 2012) and VMWare ESX Server & ESXi solutions as they are already around in the market for a long time, commonly available in third party software re-seller and aggressive price scheme.

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