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Ticket Management System

Create Tickets And Manage Support Easy

Manage the tickets by the help of tags, priority, status, labels for better workflow and search. Assign agents, add private notes, forward replies to another agent for the better ticket management.



Key Features

Ticket Administration

No more checking emails for queries. Get your queries generated as a Ticket with the UVdesk Helpdesk and provide exceptional support to the customers.

Task Management

Task Creation by Ticket Threads In a situation where a lot of technicalities are involved.

Email Management

Convert your support query emails into a standard ticket for the better assistance.

Multi Channel Support

Now you can have all the queries from all possible channels in one place.


Provide a perfect explanation about the basic features to the customers and settle the doubt beforehand.


Progressive Web App is a web application which applies enhanced and modern web abilities to provide app-like action to the user.

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