BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

BYOD is now starting to become familiar word in Corporate policies and that’s because of Smartphone & Tablet fast pace evolution and rising in the market. Smartphone & Tablet is taking the lead now in innovating how we access our corporate email and web based Company resources out of office premise. The rise of Android, Apple and Microsoft Mobile Smartphone also trigger BYOD to assess further on how we can leverage and make our staff more productive by using these devices.

Blackberry mobile devices is the pioneer in the corporate secure email messaging and when Android,Apple and Microsoft also launch their smartphone products in the market, our options for corporate secure messaging become diverse and to the point we need to standardize now our access ability in email and provide proper security that will protect company business information.

BYOD need also to consider if your Company has different offices spread across the world wherein different countries has different Telecommunication mobility packages which other offer FREE smartphone or tablet devices. With this free entitlement you cannot anymore impose any specific mobile device as it will entail you more expense in your department or in your company and with the BYOD policy in place you can leverage more this benefit without compromising your Company business data and make your users HAPPY,because they can select what devices they want and be more productive.

Lastly, BYOD Policy will be more effective if given other Department perspective like IT Security, HR and Business Operation, so that you can cover all areas and transform your mobile environment to be flexible and gain more happy users.