6 Reasons why IT Documentation is Important

Mostly IT Documentation are always been overlook or not given emphasize in every IT Department and here’s why we need to invest time, effort and money on this area.

1. Having comprehensive IT Documentation of your IT Operation, Policies, Infrastructure represent how your company is organized, structured and mature in your respective business sector.

2. Future audit proof finding in case your company investing ISO27001, PCI-DSS, HIPAA Compliance. It means if client auditor found out your IT Department is structured the more chances of getting the client to sign-off.

3. Transition to any new IT personnel will just be swift task.

4. Improve work efficiency of your IT Department by measuring their performance.

5. Develop good working harmony between other Department like HR and Finance relating to IT stuff.

6. IT Inventories (which part of IT Documentation) are huge and monumental work so need to be done ASAP.

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