Cleanliness IT Office

Your IT Department maintain lots of loose items in your office and cleanliness IT Office should be part of routine task of their shift. It’s very simple to tell but executing is a different story from which you need to establish it with them first the benefits and values that will bring to their daily lives and to their company. As you progress with your IT team they will realize that being organize & Cleanliness IT Office will bring lots of unexpected benefits and boast of confidence to them especially when Big Boss suddenly drop by to their office and seeing all important company stuff organize and store in secure place. Who know’s your Big Boss might approve the budget for your team performance bonus for the taking the LEAD in your company cleanliness.

Lastly if you still seeing your IT Department office not organize and clean, it doesn’t mean your IT Staff are not following your guidelines & directive. Maybe it’s an indicator that your IT Staff are overwhelm with huge workload that they cannot spare 20-30 mins of their time in cleaning or organizing their work related stuff, which you should also take this a consideration.

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