Third Party Apps

The first thing comes to a mind of people when you ask “What is Third Party Apps?” and they’ll just say is all about application installed on their Mobile Phone or Tablet devices. Well actually they sometimes overlook or forgotten that Third Party Apps are also applicable & installed to our computers,laptop or servers.

Third Party Apps plays a pivotal role in our day to day business and without them there’s no way we can develop a new product or services that we can offer to our customers. This is also some of the technical reasons as why companies cannot yet afford to migrate their Desktop Microsoft XP Operating Systems to Windows 8 Operating System as it will entail them time and cost to plan and test before executing the migration, a good example will be Banks & Retail Stores using Windows XP platform to their ATM or POS Machine. They are also some challenges to the side of Third Party Apps vendor as they want to recover first the investment they made in developing their products in Microsoft XP platform before shifting to Windows 8 Operating Systems.

When Microsoft announce the end of life for Windows XP on April 8, 2014, Businesses and Third Party Apps vendor are now require to review their systems upgrade roadmap as this will create a potential risk to their systems or products, especially Microsoft will not anymore releasing Security patches to Windows XP Operating Systems.