Company Email and Google Gmail

Is a very good topic to discuss on our blog as the growing trend of Businesses are now using Google Gmail for their collaboration tool and the numbers are growing as of speak.

Let’s explore this kind of behavior and explain why Businesses would rather use Google Gmail than having personalized Company Domain email. Let’s tackle some Business Benefits, the Pro’s and Con’s and the potential risk might happen.

1. Let’s face it Google Workspace is a very
mature enterprise business application suite. when you use Google Gmail you are already connected to the Google Workspace Framework and it’s about how you align your business process to the Google Workspace strategy and maximize its capabilities. Of course you have to pay extra to get the premium features of Google Apps. A classic case for Company Email and Google Gmail topic.

2. SME Companies who cannot afford to manage critical Email Infrastructure would go to this path. It’s very beneficial to their business bottom-line as no need to invest further on IT related CAPEX/OPEX like Hardware, Software Licenses, Domain registration fee, hosting services, Anti-Spam, Antivirus and Skilled IT Workers relating to email services only.

3. It’s tightly integrated to the Android Operating System Smartphone’s/tablet, so if you have sales workforce scattered around the world using Android devices then the collaboration with your Business data around the globe or regional places will be is so easy. Here’s another case for Company Email and Google Gmail article.

4. A great nos of Universities and Schools are now migrating or considering Google Gmail and Google Workspace as an option and realize the potential and benefits can do.

5. Google has invested huge amount of money for their Infrastructure, so why would anyone would not consider this as an option and maximize the potentials feat and use it as a leverage tool to make more profits (focusing more in your expertise).

6. SME Businesses compare notes and share good practices, so if they found out with others they would also follow. It’s an unexplained behavior actually for us as of today.

7. Google Gmail and Google Workspace are Cloud-based Technologies and every SME companies would like to be on that Technological Trends and a status que of their business operation. Who do you think would not be proud of using Google Enterprise Apps as anyone who is not technological savvy will be intimidated if hearing it and most likely will be impress and make business afterwards.

8. Google is an established brand, nuff said.

Now the other side of the coin..

1. If your business is handling sensitive data or information like building Military aircraft, Banks, law firm, Judiciary, or Hospital relating to Patients Health information then forget about using this kind of technology. You need to read carefully & understand clearly the Terms of Services (TOS) provided by Google if this is acceptable to your Business and identify the risks involve.

2. Your business relies on Google and if Google services went down then you realize the consequences later on.

3. You need to monitor the Business Path of Google if will have serious conflict with your Businesses later on. It’s a game of risk you need to play actually so be aware.

So having lay down all the benefits, the pro’s and con’s, the risks.. You can see clearly now why there’s a sudden shift going-on lately in the spectrum of SME Business sector about using Google Gmail instead of Company Domain email.