4 Business Case for IT FAQ

Is another proven old technique you can use to make your IT Department more job efficient. It is still a common good practice you can see from other products or companies website. IT FAQ is a another creative approach of IT documentation and if your IT staff is not incline doing it in the traditional approach then try the IT FAQ approach.

There are some worth considering about using IT FAQ:

1. Having high attrition rate in your IT Department causes some big issues especially to their routine jobs. Having IT FAQ in place will lessen your monotonous problem like all your new onboard or future staff can use as a Junior Woodchuck Guide in case you are preoccupy with important matters.

2. It prevent politicking from your tenure IT Staff.

3. It promote servant hood when creating IT FAQ Documents especially the critical ones.

4. It is a common practices being done in an IT Organization of a successful big companies out there, so if you’re planning to hop in to their caravan then you won’t experience big adjustment in adapting their working culture as it’s already embedded to your personal routines

We are sure that you’ll gain new friends in creating your Department IT FAQ and enhance further your knowledge about the IT Routine Stuff scattered around your Department Office.