5 Reasons Data and Content is so Vital to our Business

As we passed the evolution of the Mobile Gadgets (Tablet, Smartphone, etc) and Cloud Based Solution, there’s some common denominator for these technologies why it pushing the envelope.

The answer: Data and Content.

That’s why we will explore why Data and Content is so vital to our Business and why we need to fully understand it’s potentials.

1. Smartphones & Tablets – Everyone uses it and the sole reason why this devices is selling like a hotcakes is because people always check for updated Content from their favorites Websites, Social Media, Video Streaming. Imagine if no Content is being updated from time to time? what’s the purpose of having a Smartphone? Everyone access their email to exchange important business or personal related documents or Data? So you see the bigger picture why Content and Data is so important in the Smartphone & Tablet?

2. Timing and Fast Pace Updating – No wonder Newspaper and Magazine is now in the brink of extinction? The timing and fast pace to upload Content and Data comparing to Newspaper and Magazine to publish is so significantly different. You try to see check content and Data in the Twitter post and compare it with Newspaper Headlines tomorrow? You can figure out the answer from there.

3. Cloud Based Application and Technology – Data and Content is so very complicated and difficult to manage if your in the era of 1990’s and around 2000-2005, as it require tremendous team effort to manage & address it. But when the Cloud Technologies arise one of their primary objective is how Data and Content can be use effectively to their advantage and actually they succeed it. Cloud Apps & Technologies are everywhere and Consumer are the one benefiting to this kind of change in the norms of how we manage Business & Personal Data and Content.

4. Bandwidth is now Cheaper – Data and Content will not be maximize or appreciate if there’s no connection? are we right? Having a cheap connectivity Data and Content is very easy and convenient to maneuver. Thus if you don’t have faster connection your Data and Content will not be profitable.

5. The Rise of Android OS – That’s right Android OS. We should be grateful with Google folks as making Android OS vehicle to our Data and Content Success. Without them Data and Content investment is expensive you know competition that’s why cost goes down and consumers become happy.