All About Settings

Settings is always part of our daily technology life and sometimes we typically ignore the potentials can do to our systems or mobile gadget.

That’s why its a good idea to bring up this “All About Settings” topic to our blog. So here’s our thoughts and insights based on our experience.

The Good:

1. Whenever we purchase newly devices not all features are highlighted in the manual or brochure. The best way to understand the potentials can do to your devices is to investigate the settings defined. There’s a lot of items you’ll be surprise to see and even you might discover how to increase the performance of your devices given that you have fully understand it.

2. If your device is highly sophisticated, tinkering the settings it not advisable especially if you are novice. You can check with the web or consult with the IT Expert if there’s a doubt within you especially if the equipment are like the pricey servers.

3. Customization of user experience lies between in the norm of settings. Typically Manufacture assign the settings by default but you can tweak it according to your lifestyle or Business requirement (performance).

The Bad:

1. In terms of Gadget it is highly advisable to review all the settings assigned by the manufacturer or the developer. These were the security risk come in were your data might be expose or re-sell to a third party. If you are not conscious about your data then you can set it to default. A good example is to go through any options and look for any words like “Send Anonymous Data”.

2. If your not confident and technically aware of doing the changes of your settings, better make some research or consult with the people who are knowledgeable to this kind of stuff. Wrong Configuration on the settings might cause problem or overheat your device thus not able to maximize the full performance.

3. Default settings need to review as this also might be exploit for any vulnerabilities thus your data might be compromise by someone else who has bad intent.

We hope we provided you with enough insight about All About Settings topic we discussed in this blog.