IT Checklist

If you think you use checklist as a daily guide to buy stuff in the grocery store, do you think IT Checklist will also do good in your work place as well? In a world of Six Sigma “Checklist” is everywhere and if you know what Six Sigma is and it’s potential can do to your company business, then you know now what IT Checklist can do to make your IT Department succeed more & achieve your department goals easily (HR perspective).

IT Checklist can be applicable to all different group of IT jobs and this will make your job more efficient, precise and lessen common human factor error. If your company is investing in Six Sigma training then definitely explore it as well. FYI, there are lots of opportunities you can come up to make a difference from the rest of your IT peers, but of course this should be discuss further & have blessing with your superiors first.

Lastly it is also good to have a baseline measurement and compare it with IT Checklist implementation just to see the difference and results. It is a also a good material to be used for Project thesis of your Six Sigma Black Belt certifications, so Good luck.

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