Network Diagram

Is a good article to discuss and it is not so typical IT topics of conversation being heard in the IT Department office. FYI, Network Diagram is an IT document that once we done created it we store it in our shared folder, then we only re-visit it if there’s a need to update, present to the auditor or troubleshoot guidelines during big outage.

So let’s explore more some common facts of a Network Diagram in the Corporate Business world:

1. It is a confidential document, nuff said.

2. Microsoft Visio is the recommend application to create Network Diagram, unless you want to make it thru Microsoft Excel format?

3. Should be a living document.

4. There are some variants of Network Diagram like Routing Diagram, Wiring Diagram and so forth.

5. Some others rely to Network Utility Software to mapped their physical network, but we rather stick to create your own Network Diagram, so that you’ll learn a lot of things from the scratch.

So here you go some brief facts of a Network Diagram and we hope we enlighten you as why your teammates cannot provide you some Network Diagram document via hard copy or soft copy even though you are part of the IT Department.

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