If your business operation is spread across several continent and you have been given a go signal in a financial perspective to upgrade all your Company’s Windows XP Computer to Windows 8 immediately, then what will be your action plan to make this happen? Well actually with this kind of scenario it requires a dedicated point person capable of managing this kind of project, he/she should possess an exceptional people skills relating to coordination with other Department, Clients and IT Groups. With that being said it fall to the job role of an IT Project Officer.

If your company business is a dynamic culture where changes is part of the routine, then better invest to this kind of skilled IT worker as they are perfectly fit for this kind of  environment. IT Project Officer is not your typical IT Staff who will fix your computer,laptop, answer IT Request phone call everyday as they are inclined more in executing tasks in a “structured” manner and  influence your respective IT Group in terms of deliverable of their specific role.

IT Project Officer also require special tool  like Microsoft Project and Google Apps for them to their job effectively.









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