Facts about Patch Cord

Is also known for Network Cable, Cable Ethernet or Patch Cable and we found out in different companies no one really knows if there’s a standard or common name to call them. So expect if you move to another company Patch Cord is not familiar word anymore to them, so maybe they have another name like Network Cable and so forth. The question now is why we want to discuss Patch Cord in our blog? Our Answer it is one of the most common IT supplies you can found in the IT Department Office. If you don’t have one of them then later after reading this article you’ll realize the importance to your IT Operation.

FYI, They are 2 kinds of Patch Cord, they are:

1. Straight – Uses for Computer/laptop/servers connecting to the patch panel or switch port.

2. Cross – Uses for Computer to Computer connection, Switch to Switch or special equipment that need to configure via laptop thru Putty (Management tool).

Typically you can purchase Patch Cord from your local vendor via 3 ft, 5 ft, 7 ft length and it is recommended that you stock-up them for future need, because they too subject for wear and tear from the users. There are some times that standard length size (commercial length being sold) cannot accommodate user request if his/her laptop need to connect to more than 7 ft range, so definitely you need to manually crimp a patch cord according to the length they of their connection. More often this item are one of the common IT request for a laptop user, you know?? they forgot to bring it to the office or their patch cord is defective. So always be prepare for this kind of request and need to stock-up also based on the historical nos. of request (our tip). We recommend also you stock-up some small nos. of more than 7 ft length just to be sure.