Shared Folders and File Server

For non-IT Staff when you said Shared Folder they think File Server or when you said there’s IT Maintenance will happen to the File Server they knew they won’t be able access their Shared Folders later on. So from our experience, common people associate Shared Folder & File Server as one entity and this is also one of the most common IT resources use by staff. Believe it or not some companies are providing Team Collaborative Software like Confluence or Sharepoint to their staff just to organize their working files, but still you might wonder why they are still using their Shared Folder which is redundant? These are some unexplained behavior facing by the Systems Administrator nowadays.

For us what really make or attract common staff to use Shared Folder is because of simplicity,very easy to use and to manage. That’s why we decided to make this topic in our blog discussion.

Typically what IT do when they setup File Server, they always put last the Shared Folder process but actually that’s the very important one need to do first before the File Server itself. Also another common traits of IT is that they decide by themselves on what Shared Folder need to create on the File server which is actually a wrong practice. Shared Folder should be spent a huge amount of time for planning,discussion and not just a few clicks and viola!! No matter how powerful your File server is if your Shared Folder hierarchy is fragmented it will soon be sluggish especially when your capacity reaches 50% of disk space usage so please note of that.

Another thing you need to know Shared Folder Permission is one of the top ten common IT request, so if you’re just one Systems Administrator against one thousand staff then think again how you gonna face this challenge? Another classic case study for Shared Folders and File Server/

In the end, when you’re given a task to setup Shared Folders and File Server you put yourself as a Bridge Engineers building a bridge that lots of people will use and should last for a long period of time.

We hope Shared Folders and File Server article would help provide some insights to your IT Department.