10 Ways of Preventing Identity Theft

With the recent Philippines Comelec Website Hacked and leaking Philippines Voters Information Database in the wild, it’s pretty sure Identity Theft is around the corner already. That’s why we would like to share with you some tips on Preventing Identity Theft.

1. Detaching to Social Media and Web –> Make sure any information you need to put in your Banking information should be different in the Social Media and Email. Good example is Security Question is separate from your Banking Profile and Social/Web Profile.

2. Always on the lookout –> Monitor your Banking transaction, re-validate any transaction. We recommend any online transaction or bogus should have validation from you in Preventing Identity Theft

3. Invest in Effort and Time –> Hacker loves to hack People account who are lazy, so invest time and effort to change your Password, Security Questions and information immediately. Don’t give Hacker a chance to penetrate your accounts.

4. Don’t forget your Mobile Plan Profile –> Revisit your Mobile Profile and call your Telco Hotline for assistance in changing your profile information like security Q&A. Typically your Telco already aware of this situation and they have prepare their Callcenter to provide support to all their customers.

5. Multiple Factor Authentication –> Check with your Banking Support, Social Media, Email Support and Mobile Telco in they have this feature. If yes we highly recommend you enable this ASAP and get accustomed to it as part of your lifestyle.

6. Invest in Antivirus, Firewall and Malware Premium Product/Subscription –> If you have enough budget why not start investing to this technologies. You start saving and explore this options as will benefit you. You can contact us for Firewall & Antivirus Solution at https://www.ptech.com.ph/contact/

7. Banking Transaction via Public Wifi is a No-No!! –> We highly recommend not to do Online Banking Transaction to any Public Wifi as hacker maybe on the lookout for this opportunity. Use your mobile line Data connection of your respective DSL connection instead.

8. Validation Scheme –> When you received email, Phone-call or SMS Message please contact your respective Bank, Telco and Email Support for validation of the call,email or messages you got.

9. Share and Compare –> You can share with your Family members all tips you learned in Identity Theft and compare notes maybe they have additional notes that will bring value to you.

10. Contact Details for Escalation –> Better to get the contact details of your Banking Support, Social Media, Email, Telco for any suspicious activity as this will lessen you stress and make yourself efficient in Preventing Identity Theft concerns.