11 Insights Regarding All About Apps PART 2

Apps is a very long topic of Discussion that’s why we come up another continuation discussion, so we title it All About Apps PART 2. We hope you learn something with our technology sharing.

1. Apps is gaining more traction in the Mobile Market and it’s gaining more market share in terms of profit in the World Wide Web.

2. Apps in the Mobile Market is eating Browser alive, that’s right because more and more users and even newbie Mobile users are being hookup to Apps rather than using Browser to search People, Business, Knowledge and etc. You can check the profit margin in Browser company for the past 2-3 yrs.

3. If we talk about All About Apps PART 2 in the Desktop Market it’s the other way around if we compare the Market share of Apps in the Mobile. This is due to the fact of rising Mobile devices and Software Development Company are now monetizing this trend while still hot. Money really dictate innovations.

4. More Billionaires are rising due to Apps in the mobile Market.

5. Rise of Cloud Computing Technologies contribute to the declining factor of Apps Innovation in the Desktop/Server Market.

6. Apps in the Mobile Market are getting more Bang for the Bucks and it’s earn respect for the new generation of Consumers.

7. You seldom see Job opening for Pertaining to Desktop Apps Software Development.

8. Declining of Market share in Laptop and Desktops also one of the reasons why Apps in Desktop Market are not innovating.

9. Rise of Messaging Platform, Social Media Apps and Dating Apps. So any reason for them to go Browser? to Access this Apps?

10. User experience is improving everyday to all Apps relating in the Mobile Market.

11. Mobile Apps are getting cheaper.