Quick Guide in Buying Tablet

There’s a compelling reason why we brought up Quick Guide in Buying Tablet Gadget topic to our blog, even though we discussed this in other blogs that the Tablet business are dying.

Well the obvious reason why we include this in our blog because it’s a right timing for you to invest this gadget as a manufacturer will bring down the cost to attract and gain traction of the dying market and same time they want to clean up their tablet inventories across the globe warehouse.

So, here’s what we can share with you some Quick Guide in buying Tablet Gadget.

Bezel-less Design Screen – When purchasing tablet make sure you go for the bezel-less design screen as much as possible, so that you can maximize the screen economic size.

6GB RAM & 128 ROM, Minimum – Another consideration you need to check is the amount of RAM installed on the tablet you’ll purchase. Typically nowadays Processor of a tablet is quite substantial for common use, so it’s not a big deal to bring up, but the Memory RAM plays important in your Apps and Tablet use that’s why the specific 6GB RAM Minimum should be.

Battery Life – The longer battery will be the better, no matter how good or expensive your tablet will purchase if the battery life will just be 3-4 hrs use then you forget it. Our recommendation is battery life that will last 7-8 hrs long per use every day, as this will maximize your Tablet investment.

SD Storage Slot & SIM Card Support – Apps are getting huge nowadays and they continue to update from time to time, which consume amounts of precious storage space in your tablet, that’s why look for a tablet who support external SD Storage slot. As for the SIM Card Support, it will be handy whenever you go out and your mobile phone lost power juice, but still you can transfer the SIM card to your tablet and continue to have Internet connections at hand, it’s not just major thing but as an option will play an important value of having diverse mobility in your grasp.

After Market Accessories Support – It also needs to invest time to research the brand of your tablet you’ll purchase if they have abundant accessories in the market. Accessories such as slick power bank, keyboard, stand, and projector module will enhance further your usage of your tablet investment.

Firmware Support Update – This is not commonly topic that was raised for purchasing tablet, but it’s worth to research from the Web as what brand who still continue providing a Firmware update to tablet. Reason why we include this is because sometimes Android OS has some certain flaws and which you’ll discover it from time to time and this firmware update will come in handy in addressing this nuisance issue you’ll encounter when using your tablet.