Risk of having Freelance IT

The Risk of having Freelance IT is a very interesting topic to discuss especially for the SME Business owners who can relate. Our objective here is to share with you some of the pros and cons of having undocumented agreement with a Freelance IT and provide some of our expert insights for you to think about and to make critical decisions later on, so here goes..

Good One..

1. Very Affordable – Let’s make it clear Freelance IT are very affordable and cost efficient. You don’t have to deal with any Government mandated benefits rule to pay for your IT staff nor insurance, Healthcare and Taxes.

2. Very Convenient – Not having a sign-off agreement you can cut your Freelance IT Staff agreement at any given time without considering the legal implications.

3. A Good source of Political Allies – Some people uses this technique to get onboard their closest friend to assist them for their political office ambition and cover-up, since you know IT is already one of the prominent department in the company businesses. So having close allies with them is a plus for their power of influence to the company business decision maker.

Now the other side…

1. No Accountability and Ownership – Having a non-documented agreement with an Freelance IT in your company business is very easy for them to make dangerous decision, since they knew if something disaster happen to their execution it’s very easy to jump-out from the sinking boat (Company business).

2. Susceptible to Fraudulent acts – Having a non-documented freelance IT staff is highly to do double-dealing decisions relating to procurement of expensive IT Equipment.

3. Free Personal Laboratory – Most of our clients expensive IT infrastructure was not maximize accordingly and they just turn into their own personalized laboratory for personal purpose like IT certification gain.

4. Expect no Documentation to Happen – It is a common trait of a Freelance IT Staff not to document for their job security, you know client will be begging for mercy for them to come back and fix the critical systems.

5. No Focus and lack Critical Thinking – Typically they work with the other company (their regular job), their mental capability is already compromise and subject to fatigue. IT tasks require tremendous analysis and focus, so they are susceptible to make foolish mistakes due to lack of Critical thinking.

6. Potential Corporate Espionage – Since freelance IT doesn’t undergo tremendous background checking from the HR perspective and require to have access to some Company information & Infrastructure (for them to do their jobs), who knows it might be your competitor hunch man to get your clients information, intellectual property, ideas, techniques or processes. A classic Risk of having Freelance IT.

7. No Contract bound – This is a no brainer as you don’t want your critical or trade secrets business data & process being handle by anyone without any written documentation of clause that will protect you from any rogue IT personnel, we are talking about in legal point of view.

Now that we laid down the pros & cons (Risk of having Freelance IT) and insights you are now equipped to decide if Freelance IT is a better choice it’s a matter of accepting the risks vs company savings, of course there’s also alternative like going to the IT Outsourcing Company path.

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