Time factor in Technology Decisions

Time is an important factor in your Technology Decisions is a very good topic to discuss in our articles; we will share with you our thoughts and insights as why you need to include “Time Factor” in your decision regarding Technology stuff (aka Time factor in Technology Decisions) anyway they are obviously the most expensive investment your company will made.

First of all the process of budgeting and approving your IT Department CAPEX/OPEX is a very meticulously, time consuming, exhausting process but self-rewarding achievement for all IT leaders out there – yup, IT Leaders we are talking about and not the rank & file IT staff position. So before you want to introduce some technologies innovation in your company you need to do some homework in your end which we literally mean by yourself alone without the help of your favorite vendor. Sometimes it is so tempting to follow what the current trends in the market and thinking will also applicable & beneficial to your organization business as well, but seriously you need to consider some Time Spaces in-between in your technology decisions and monitor the outcome of their implementations, from there you can idea and assess the risk might happened to your company business. The Time Space criteria we are talking about should not be too long and should be factor in also to your project initiative time frame (another classic Time factor in Technology Decisions), having too long has some serious consequences especially if the technology solution you need to implement is an urgent matter, so it’s a delicate balancing act you need to perform actually.

Some examples:

1. Your favorite vendor is persuading you to upgrade your current ERP and consider their stand-alone ERP solutions, but you’ll found out later that Cloud Based ERP is already getting wide acceptance in the market and the cost difference is significantly high. A classic Time factor in Technology Decisions

2. You just found out in your peer friends and online video that Automating your Social media is a new approach and better management of your company social media, but later found out that it create issues from your prospective customers by mistaken them as “bots” or spam messages instead of legit update from your company product or services.


3. Your only thought that computer vendors are the only options for outsourcing your IT Operation, but when you give yourself some time to do some research in the web you realize they are some companies out there that specialize and focus to this kind of business from which it benefit your company business without creating possible conflict.

After reaching to this point of reading our article about Time factor in Technology Decisions, you are now properly aware of consequences might happen if you didn’t consider Time Factor in your Technology decisions, so answers and solutions will not come in handy and easily in your hands as you need to invest time to those decision to be made especially if your job reputation is at stake here.