Software Update

Why is Software Update is so significant in the Technology Business Revolutionary today (2015). We will discuss some of our insights as why Software Update is so powerful in the realm of Software Business industry.

As you can see current trends nowadays more people are moving in the purchasing Software and Application in the legit way that’s because of the current hacking event happened in the Business sector. They (Buyer) are more scare of having a pirated software and app that may have malicious code inside which might cost unforeseen security threat to their business. And that’s where the Software Update shine as a star in this important role to the consumer and not to forgot Software Update also address some bugs and latest vulnerability of the product. Even in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store continuous Software Update plays an important marketing scheme and advantage for new consumer or user of purchasing mobile apps. No wonder few only people are cracking software or mobile apps is because of the continuous & fast pace Software Update happening in the mobile industry which app cracker cannot catch up the pace by this Technology frontier.

Of course there’s also other side of the coin about the potential pitfall of having Software Update regularly. The number one will be is in the corporate world where always continuous Software Update on the desktop (Computer) might also affect the productivity of the user plus not enough time testing the update in the testing environment before deploying in the production. Software Update should be done in a process way and should have control scheme to avoid any problem in your in-house application, so handling this should have right skill, Communicative and accountability to make sure Software Update delivery is in harmonious way.

In the end we can’t avoid Software Update as it require amount of time reading about change logs and understanding. It has lot of values and also lots of leg work to be done.