Tips for IT Devices

We would like to share with you some Tips for IT Devices for your Computer, Laptop and Hybrid Laptop/Tablet so stick around and enjoy our technology sharing.

1. Documentation & Packages – We knew this is not anymore common practice, but preserving manual, receipt,packages and DVD are important to consider as in case you devices encounter problem you can check if the warranty is still cover, identify serial nos for online support and get device drivers in a jiffy thru the DVD inclusion in the packages. Trust us it really work at any given situation.

2. Always on the Look Out – Even though Windows Update, Java/Flash Update, Apple App Store, Google Play Store are always on automatic update, sometimes it’s a must to include in our daily Tech Habit to visit and do manual update. Hackers nowadays are so smart that timing of vulnerabilities to be discover is very crucial to them, so having a daily habit of checking updates make sure your Applications & Operating System are up to date on the critical moment let’s say the time between it was discover and time to apply patches.

3. Out of Date Software – Be sure to review and do inventory of your list of application installed in your devices as some of them may not anymore applicable to your daily task and need to assess if they need to be uninstall in your devices. The reason why we recommend is because these are viruses, Malware and Hackers initial step they will do for them to execute their payload specific for the vulnerabilities of Out of date Software.

4. Credible Resources – Make sure when you download and get your applications for your devices, you only go to the proper Software repository like Apple Apps Store, Google Play Store and Accredited Website or Vendor of Software. Getting a freebie from unknown source always have a catch and putting also your investment Property (Device) into risk of getting to Virus or do something to make your devices to malfunction permanently.

5. Need to Rest – No matter how powerful your devices are they also need to be given some proper rest or Turn OFF. Doing this will increase your device lifespan and maximize your investment.