Systems Administrator – The Custodian of your Business Information

Systems Administrator are often called “Sysad” and sometimes mistaken as Technical Support Engineer by many, but actually they are the more knowledgeable and experience IT Staff comparing to Technical Support Engineer & IT Helpdesk Engineer. They compliment well also to your Network Team and IT Security Group.

When it comes to the Server stuff they are the true champion in all your IT Group as part of their many routine is to maintain your Email, File Servers, ERP Systems and Print Servers in their day to day work life. Another thing you need to know when it comes to your Company data they are the custodian of your Business Information with regards to the role of backup, recovery, folder permission and quota.

Systems Administrator are well known expert in Microsoft Active Directory Technology and uses this Technology to implement & enforce company policies across your organization devices like laptop, Desktop, tablet and mobile as well. So, if you want to have a new Shared Folder in your Department with different level of access across your team, then it is pretty sure the Systems Administrator will take care of it for you.

Lastly,try investing to this kind of IT group when you have several type of critical systems in your organization as they will make sure your critical systems is always available to your Business Operation.

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