Why TCP/IP knowledge is essential to your IT Staff?

As Information Technology Industry catapult in a high velocity manner, more innovating products are popping out of nowhere from new to old companies. Our learning curve adjustment vs the pacing of new technological products release is not anymore on the proper symmetry as we need to find ways to catch up these new trends in the market and be more competitive.

Therefore we highly recommend that your IT Staff should be properly equipped with some basic knowledge of IT skills as this will help them survive in the fast trending of technology. One of the basic IT skills we would like to suggest is to for them to have strong background knowledge on TCP/IP especially in troubleshooting as 80% chances are your IT Staff will come across TCP/IP. Since all your equipment rely to this suite protocol (TCP/IP) in connectivity and operation it is a reasonable for them to know. FYI also, Internet heavily rely to TCP/IP and without them our Internet is ceased to exist.

In the end your Company Business will be on the cutting edge of support or service if your IT Staff are accustomed well in TCP/IP.