Take a break

We all knew about the infamous commercial slogan of Kitkat Chocolate “Take a Break Have a Kitkat!” Very smart and effective marketing strategy of Kitkat Company to the Corporate world consumers, no wonder Google pay respect in using it to their Android Operating System version name (smart move also to Google marketing).

There’s a reason behind why they come-up this slogan and it has relevance also in the IT Business World, so let tackle some collective thoughts we gathered and put it in the concise manner, so here goes..

1. Everyone deserve a break, that why’s our government mandatory imply a ruling about taking certain nos of VL (Vacation Leave) and SL (Sick Leave).

2. You cannot be effective round the clock and the more you pushes yourself to the envelope the more risk it might occur to your job & worst to yourself.

3. Typically IT People who tend not to take their break are those who have personal problems at home. Be aware of giving them critical project as their focus is questionable day by day plus the stress factor accumulating to their body about to burst (anytime).

4. Another behavioral observation for IT People who doesn’t want to take a Vacation Leave are the one who are thinking of Job Security. People think when they take their leave they might be next in the redundancy campaign program, well actually there’s no such thing that you can predict what will happen to your job & to your company business as it’s a trend today that from small to big companies experiences profilt losses and it’s a constant behavior happening in the Business worlds nowadays.

5. It’s a sneak peak of potential attitude issue or behavior concerns might happen. Others feedback they are the self-centered ones who think about themselves and not thinking about their love ones who might suffer if they got sick or hospitalized.

So there you goes our collective thoughts about Take a break topic, so we do hope we were able to give you some experience insights about how to leverage your effective healthy body (with proper sleeps) to become a successful IT Professional someday.