Cloud Based Solutions

As of this writing the nos of Cloud Based Solutions Companies is growing rapidly from the new player setup up to an existing one who want to capitalize the sudden surge of demand in the market. They are also more application now being ported into the Cloud Space domain as users want Cloud Facility interconnect with their smartphone and tablets in their daily work.

But before the Cloud Based Solutions started, companies rely on Enterprise Solutions/Product, Servers and Datacenter Infrastructure, from which it take enormous effort and cost just to maintain this facility on a daily basis. Challenges of maintaining top caliber IT staff is also need not to forget as they make sure this infrastructure are up and running round the clock as basis to their SLA committed to Stakeholders. When Cloud Based Solution come to the picture, it rock the boat the IT Industry forever from which different levels of companies (SMEs) have more options now in leveraging this kind technology breakthrough to their business strategy, budget and operation as well.

Typically what companies will now consider is just OPEX for their subscription login to the Cloud Systems and one time cost for the Engineering Services to map their process and integrate to the Cloud Systems. You don’t need anymore skilled workers to maintain the daily customization report (Daily, Weekly and Monthly) for your Sales and Finances as Cloud Solutions are very intuitive for a novice users.

It’s a matter of acceptance, assessment and more decisions if you want to consider Cloud Based Solutions in your Company Business, as your price jewels (Business Information & Operation) will reside in their ecosystems aka Third Party facility.

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