IT tools (22 Recommended tools)

22 Recommended tools for your IT Department for them to do their job.

And here’s some our list :

1. Philips Screwdriver (Different blade size the better)

2. Standard Screwdriver (Different blade size the better)

3. Precision Screwdriver Tools or Jeweler Screwdriver Set

4. Torque Tools (different bit size)

5. Tweezer

6. Crimper Tool for Cat5e Cable

7. Cable Cutter or Swiss Knife

8. Punch Down Tool (for Voice wiring)

9. Flash Light

10. Portable Vacuum Cleaner

11. USB Drive

12. Long Nosed Pliers

13. Regular Pliers

14. Digital Multimeter

15. Network Connector Kit with RJ11, RJ45, RJ45 Plugs & Boots

16. Multi-network LAN Cable Tester

17. Precision Wire Stripper

18. Brush (Different sizes will do)

19. Anti-Static Wrist Strap

20. Hard Drive Enclosures (SATA & IDE)

21. Card Readers (MicroSD, Mini MicroSD)

22. USB Portable DVD ROM