The Values of doing a Report

IT Report are sometimes misunderstood and taken for granted while others take it a bright side of their IT career path, that’s why we decided to explore The Values of doing a Report in your IT career and IT Organization.

By default Report is a way to measure and analyze performance of a certain subject like utilization of IT resources and IT Manpower performance, it is also consider a tool to help the Management to make a critical decisions that will effect the outcome of company Business.

Reports is considered as one of the routine task of a higher position IT Staff like CIO, IT Director, IT Manager and IT Supervisor, this is also their opportunities to show and connect to the Higher Stakeholder of the Business. Having said IT staff tend to misunderstood it as their IT Superior is over delegating their duties to them, but frankly we should accept it as a way of preparing ourselves for new responsibility. We understand also that rank and file IT staff are overload of duties, but instead of thinking negatively why not be creative like try to practice the art of skills of negotiation with your superior regarding your current work load? Sometimes being creative promote positive results.

Over delegation of IT Report generation is something common practice nowadays by an IT person who hold a special position, no wonder the attrition rate of IT Manager, VP for IT and CIO position are so high? In the first place it is our primary duty to make a report and please take note Business Stakeholders are so smart that they’ll know if you are the one who make the report of not? So it’s a must for us to understand clearly the raw data flowing in our IT Report before delegating to rank and file IT staff.

Here’s some Reports that are commonly do by IT Department:

1. IT Cases Report – Raw data are extracted in the Ticketing Systems and evaluate the current open cases and pending cases by the IT Department. With this report it can view the productivity of the IT team and provide bigger picture of common IT request by all staff (that’s include CEO as well).

2. IT Resources Utilization – It’s a must for the Management to know the current standing of Company IT Infrastructure as this will help them from financially and strategically aspect to decide and commit from a customer request.

3. Outage Report – This report is very important for the Operation and Customer Front facing folks. It help them to understood the current situation and come-up an effective update from the irate customers.

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